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Comic-Con: Preview Night

I got everything I wanted at Comic-Con tonight. Stood in line longer than I really needed to, but I wanted to be on the safe side and get a feel for the place again. The exhibit hall wasn't really too mobbed, except in the giant network/movie studio area. I ventured over there for one thing, accidentally stood in line for a shitty freebie for a few minutes, found where I needed to go, did what I needed to do there and then discovered that I literally could not leave because of the press of people. So I took a couple of pictures while I waited for an opening.

Everyone looks that blurry after you've been there a while.

I am not sure what that TV ad was for.

Once I finally escaped with all my limbs, I retreated to quieter areas.

Adult Swim would give you something if you were willing to stick your hand blindly in a hole to get it. Judging by the gigantic line, plenty of people were game.

I got all the exclusives from Underground first thing, and they also had a figure of the Sixth Doctor in the Fifth Doctor's outfit on display that hasn't been released yet. Since that's exactly the sort of shitty thing they love to use for convention exclusives, I'm kind of surprised. They're supposed to be 'unveiling' something tomorrow afternoon -- the Pertwee figures, I think. I may be there. They aren't actually selling them, but I'm interested. I want the full set of Doctors, though not necessarily the full set of Doctors in each other's clothing.

DUDE IT'S COLIN BAKER. Had it not been $20 I would have liked to get my Six-in-blue-coat figure signed.

People began camping out for Twilight first thing this afternoon. They had tents.

I may have been bad and picked up the first issue of DW Ongoing #1. Damn that instant gratification.

I saw the guy who does Explodingdog, but was too shy to ask him to draw me anything. Other people did, but they already had sketchbooks, so they were like... professional fans or something. I felt outclassed. I didn't even come equipped with the back of an envelope. And he was just manning a booth selling stuff, he wasn't in the artists' area or anything.

Tomorrow, not much is happening that I'm really interested in, so I'm not sure when/if I'm going. Friday will be busier.
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