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Comic-Con: Thursday

I don't know why spending two whole hours at SDCC makes me feel exhausted. But I did a lot of walking to/from/at the convention center, and there's... crowds and stuff. Also, I came home and emailed back and forth with a stranger who wants to borrow one of my ducks (long story) and cooked a pork roast (I ACTUALLY COOKED DINNER, stop the press) and processed my pictures and maybe I have a right to be tired.

Also, I read a thing about David Tennant flying to LAX today. !!! Maybe he will be at Saturday's screening. Maybe I need to show up VERY VERY EARLY.

I tried to go to the Burn Notice panel today, but arrived twenty minutes ahead of time and it was way too late. I went through some of the Ballroom 20 line anyway -- I had no idea how far it wound around and around and around and around out on the deck, and how (*^!(*&# hard it is to get OUT of line once you're in the outside area. SDCC is not designed to allow people to go outside and come back in by any way other than the front lobby, so most of the doors are locked. By the time I actually gave up, it was hard to extricate myself.

But I have new respect for the Ballroom 20 line, and the fact that the SDCC folks know it's huge. They must have arrangements for waiting prior to 9am. I'm still a bit baffled by the sekrit exhibit hall lines (the one outside the front door is apparently the last to move), but I'm going in crazy early tomorrow to have a look and also get a good seat for Farscape.

If you recall, we were promised 'part of the Doctor Who set' at the BBCA booth this year. It's the same damned Dalek as last year! But I probably shouldn't complain; I didn't actually notice it last year. "How do you overlook a Dalek?" you may ask, but I was only there one day, and it was busy.

It was considerably less crowded at BBCA today than it was last night. They have some pretty wicked Planet of the Dead t-shirts; I wish I'd photographed them.


The Third Doctor figures were unveiled today, for release next month.

There are two variants.

People dressed up promoting the Prisoner remake. I may go to their panel tomorrow.

San Diego is pretty. I wished I had a wide-angle lens so you could see the whole cityscape.

I couldn't decide which of these I liked better; when I was done, it was clearly the first one, but since I went to the trouble of processing this one...

The slug people are there! I just didn't know what name they were under. I do not need more slugs, and I suppose it would be inadvisable to give slugs for all my Christmas presents, but I totally want to buy more slugs.

There is an entire tribble booth. Most of the toys are trying harder than this. Yes, they're selling craft puffs as 'baby tribbles.'

Walking down 5th Avenue outside. I like the Gaslamp.

Guy dressed up as YouTube. I found the 'related videos' panel expecially hilarious for some reason.

SciFi (we all deal with their idiotic renaming in our own ways; Ken does it by pronouncing it 'siffy,' I do it by pretending it never happened) eschewed a booth at the convention this year, taking over the cafe in the Hard Rock Hotel instead and rebranding it after a cafe in Eureka. There is not actually a lot of promotional activity happening there.

Cafe, taken through its purple glass wall.

Nearby construction site totally papered in Dollhouse posters.

With one sad little "Save the Sarah Connor Chronicles" sticker. Alas, poor cancelled SCC cannot ride Dollhouse's coattails.
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