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Comic-Con: Friday

Day 3 of my increasingly erratic photodiary.

(By the way, I've barely been skimming my friends list -- I'm no doubt missing a lot. I'll try to catch up gradually when the chaos is over, but it may take some time.)

Also, I'm hurrying, so my post-processing kinda sucks.

Not a fantastic shot, but I spent much of my morning looking at this, so you shall look at it too. This is sitting in the lobby of rooms 6-10, looking into the Sails Pavilion, where registration takes place.

I went to the Farscape panel in the morning and took some photos, but I'll put those in a separate entry.

After that and the Prisoner panel, I was ready to get on my feet again for a while.

The Time Traveler's Pigeons. This was actually at Horton Plaza, where I ate lunch.

San Diego: still pretty.

They were promoting the Prisoner remake with (what else?) Rover.

Rover crosses the street.

The convention center lobby: still crowded.

This just cracks me up.

By "Food Court" (this was high above me on the wall, if the perspective is confusing), they mean some tables and a pretzel cart. There is no toast anywhere. LIARS.

Stargate COASTERS. There is something sort of awesome about that, in a really dorky way.

This is the exclusive My Little Pony this year. It's the same pony from different sides. I actually considered trying to get it, but the Hasbro booth is so insane I can't even attempt it.

Another unusual pony.

Lego Buzz Lightyear.

I still do not know what this was about. They gave me a bookmark, though. I was pretty relieved when I realized he was not flipping me the bird.

The BBCA has a little shop.

This artist had a bunch of gorgeous little pendants with interesting critters on them. I covet them but they are very pricey.

I couldn't get a good picture of the sheer tide of humanity coming toward the convention center as I left in the midafternoon. You'll just have to trust me.

While waiting for the bus home, I decided this reflection on a building was very pretty.
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