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el diablo robotico

A Picture A Day(ish): October 6

I took some pictures of the garden before work this morning, and thought I was all set for today's photo. Then I passed this on campus. I couldn't resist the bright blue bike and the red leaves in the basket. (They're from the sweet gum tree, I believe -- one of few trees that turns colors in fall around here.) I tried several shots, because I am absolute crap at composing shots of bicycles. This was the one I liked best, but I'm not completely satisfied.

I bought the snail in the foreground with my mom in La Jolla, a few days before my wedding. All that ground cover is a single lotus plant -- I didn't know they spread like that. It doesn't bloom where it is -- probably not enough light -- but it's green and healthy and I like the texture of the leaves. I've tried keeping lotus plants in pots, and had many more flowers that way, but they need a ton of water when they're in pots and I can't keep up.

Also: volunteer nasturtiums, and in the lower right my leaf stepping stone.

Moonbeam coreopsis that I recently planted. I love how light and airy they are. The focus is obviously off here -- it was so sunny I couldn't see the screen, and I was dressed for work so I didn't want to hit the ground to get a better angle. But I sort of like the effect.

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