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el diablo robotico

A Picture A Day(ish): October 24

You're getting co-pictures of the day, because I couldn't decide between radically different shots. Here, the corn maze in Temecula.

And this is just another cat shot, but hey, it's Moly, and I don't have many good shots of her, and I like this one.

It was a bit hot in the cornfield, but we've experienced worse. This year's maze was smaller than usual, and we had a map, so it was a little... quick. But nice.

They had very friendly goats that liked to be scratched.


I"ve been taking pictures of this duck in various places for the duck calendar. I like this shot okay, but there's nothing particularly autumnal about it. I might keep it in reserve for a summer month next year.

Exhibit A: The Multi-Cat Household. (They love that window.)

The usual hazards of attempting to photograph cats.

That there is a happy cat. Sorry about the blur, but petting > photography, from certain creatures' points of view.
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