el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

A Picture A Day(ish): October 30

Barbara Kruger art in the new wing of the student center. I may be the only person who watches those LED signs for the news feeds they run.

As I tried to find a good angle to take a picture, a rather strange news story came up.

I finally found the text online: it's a description of a PBS show. "The most important moment of an animal's life is its birth. It emerges from dark safety to find anxious parents clucking or mewing. The first hours are some of the most dangerous. The strongest emotions animals feel are between parent and child. This film follows the birth and first day, from marmoset to moose, to elephant and gorilla. It is a film of miniature drama and huge spectacle, and comes to some surprising conclusions about ourselves." The news feeds on the wall cut off after a sentence or two.

Upstairs, there's a weird metal wall of symbols. On one side, there's a video screen. Behind it, there's... a kitchen?

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