el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

A Picture A Day(ish): October 31

Bat lantern I got at Illuminations a few years ago. It's actually supposed to hang upside down, but I had nowhere to hang it and got the best pictures right side up.

And I leave you with the LEAST FLATTERING PICTURE OF A CAT EVER. He was licking his fluffy beige belly when I interrupted him. My desk ain't looking so good either, but I couldn't resist posting this.

And so we are DONE and I am never doing this again for another year. I took a picture each day of the month, though I obviously didn't post each day. I was a little uninspired. But hey, I got through it, and it was totally worth it, if only for the other awesome people who participated (no matter how many pictures they posted). See you all next year!
Tags: a picture a day(ish)
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