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So, I fell behind on the 30 days meme. Never fear! It'll just be the more-than-30-days meme for me. I'll probably skip the 'whatever tickles your fancy' days, because all kinds of crap tickles my fancy and nothing's stopping me from posting about it on a daily basis. So, today's subject is...

Day 02: Your Favourite Movie

Um. I... sort of don't know. I'm not a big moviegoer, really. When I was 13, I watched Back to the Future on TV about twenty times, and I remain fond of it. After a childhood of thinking that music was silly and embarrassing (well, my older brother teased me a lot), it got me into Huey Lewis and the News; I got my first Walkman a few weeks later and never looked back.

More recently (as in this century), I liked Me and You and Everyone We Know a lot. It's a little too quirky for its own good, but it has a lot of charm.

I generally don't re-watch movies (that incident when I was 13 aside). I don't own any on DVD. Movies are really just not my thing.

Day 03: Your Favourite Television Program
Day 04: Your Favourite Book
Day 05: Your Favourite Quote
Day 06: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 07: A Photo That Makes You Happy
Day 08: A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad
Day 09: A Photo You Took
Day 10: A Photo Of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago
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Day 26: Your Week, In Great Detail
Day 27: This Month, In Great Detail
Day 28: This Year, In Great Detail
Day 29: Hopes, Dreams & Plans For The Next 365 Days
Day 30: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
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