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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

I'm trying not to make this the Month of Doctor Who, but there's no contest. I've been watching this show since I was eight years old. I've gone through phases of intense interest and times where I barely thought of it, but I always come back in the end. I taped it off PBS in high school, I read the NAs in college, I eagerly watched the TVM and finally gave up when it became clear that there wasn't going to be a new series. I dismissed the 2005 revival rumors as nonsense, because I'd heard that one before, and when it turned out to be true I was afraid to watch. What if it wasn't Doctor Who anymore?

It took me a year to start watching -- I waited till it turned up on SciFi. I started to like Nine just in time for him to leave, and then I resisted Ten because he was clearly not going to be as good. Eventually I caught the end of Doomsday on YouTube and decided to give him a try after all; I ended up watching S2 in a rush, multiple episodes a day, knowing how it was all going to end. I caught up with fandom in time for S3, which was both fun and a bit unfortunate. (I have this idyllic image of S2 fandom being all about sunshine and puppies and fanfic, with no squabbling or wank, but I know this is probably nonsense.) There've been great moments and not-so-great ones. I've met people I'd never have met otherwise, and y'all are pretty awesome. Comic-Con was an amazing experience. And I've never been so eager for Saturday to come around as I have been this spring. So, yeah. That's my favorite show.

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