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Picking up after a brief hiatus, it's the TV meme!

Day 05 - A show you hate

I'm not sure how to answer this. I don't bother watching stuff I don't enjoy, but 'hate' is a strong word. I do dislike most reality TV; I'm not very interested in the sorts of people who want to be on TV to begin with, and it annoys me that reality TV has displaced many hours of scripted TV by virtue of its cheapness. But now and then I've enjoyed some semi-reality-type stuff, and I know people who get a lot of amusement out of some of the shows.

So I'm going to go with The Simpsons. It's an okay show, really, or at least it was when it first started out and actually had some fresh ideas, but sometime in the past twenty years I've really gotten sick of all the yellow cartoon people, and the voice actors are like fingernails on a chalkboard. It drives me crazy when Ken watches it in the living room while I'm cooking dinner and I have to overhear it, so I complain until he turns on The Daily Show.

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show
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