el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

random thoughts

We got green ketchup last weekend. We aren't quite out of red stuff yet but we will be soon enough. Maybe we can use both red and green and have Christmas condiments.

I really want a tree. There must be some way to get it home. Ken's car does have an awfully little/narrow trunk but most people do have little bitty compact cars these days and they get Christmas trees anyway. There must be a way...

I actually did some work today. Fun if you can find any. I reshelved a lot of reserves and processed all the incoming circuit and annex books, finishing over an hour and a half before they were supposed to be done. Then I did all the returns too. I get to go on the desk again in 15 minutes and usually there's a fair amount to do after that with the new circuit requests. There's been a poinsettia on the circ desk for about a week now and apparently nobody's ever watered it because today it was droopy. I took care of that too.

It's 8 degrees in Milwaukee with a negative windchill. Here, it's calm and gray and comfortable. Not the loveliest day of winter, but I can't believe people are complaining. There were red and yellow leaves falling in my lunch.
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