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A Picture A Day(ish): October 18

Glow Golf at Southridge Mall. My mom and I both got a hole in one on this hole, and it wasn't even a gimme.

Glow Golf was truly bizarre. (Mom: "What's the word for this?" Me: "Tacky?" Mom: "Surreal.") It was occupying part of a vacant Linens 'n Things anchor store at the mall (which had been Marshall Field's and Prange's and Gimbels before that -- how the mighty have fallen). The whole place was lit with nothing but overhead blacklights. There were two 18-hole courses -- the holes were necessarily rather small, but still, it was a good two hours of mini golf. We went on Monday afternoon, and the place was deserted except for us and a grandparents-and-granddaughter team; we started on the opposite end from them, and they left long before we were done. So we were basically alone in this weird, cavernous, glowing space. And they were playing the local Christian rock station. Like I said, surreal.

Occasionally we'd run across something like a desk from the old Linens 'n Things.

Or the old "Window Treatments" sign. (I ended up over-lightening this one, and it's pretty grainy. Oh well.)

They had charging stations for the glow golf balls; just stick the ball in the box and press a button to flash a bright light.

There were a few holes with standard mini-golf hazards like windmills, or pipes you had to try to hit the ball into.

The octo-putt! (It was rotating.)

Mom takes a shot.

The scorecards we got (only provided on request) didn't have par listed for any of the holes, but I think we did pretty well. It was a lot of fun, and I hope it's still there next year (though I have my doubts, considering how empty the place was). Turns out they have a bunch of locations, all in empty storefronts in malls. If there's one near you, I actually recommend it :).
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