el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I've taken to walking on my lunch hour. These are the things I see.

Library canyon
There's a little canyon behind the library, full of scrub brush. It smells fantastic. There's a geocache down there, too (one we found in the dark on Christmas Eve).

Library canyon

Scrub jay
This picture's best at original size. I tried to take a picture of the VERY NOISY scrub jay I encountered yesterday, but my camera was only set to 3MP and it was really bright out. I did manage to get it in the far right of this shot, though. At the far left, you can see mountains in the distance. Mountains! Like hummingbirds, mountains will never stop seeming cool.

Gazania flower stuck on a campus direction sign. I didn't do it, but I found the spikiness and the shadow attractive.

Back by the library, there's a bunch more gazania. I'm fascinated by the intricate designs on them, so I often take macros. I love the soft colors on this one.

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