el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Important updates:
  • Suiseki is the Japanese art of stone appreciation.

  • Ken says Five Guys is nowhere near as bad as I make it sound, and that "shoe leather" is an exaggeration. He may be right, but they're still really overpriced.

  • Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are going to be at the Nerdist Podcast live thing in San Diego during SDCC. I am going. It's a smaller venue, so it may actually turn out to be more fun than the Hall H panel the next day. Sort of like seeing Tennant/Barrowman/RTD at the Doctor Who screening in 2008, though that was extra awesome because it wasn't even announced ahead of time and so I managed to be right up front.

  • I am getting excited about Comic-Con.
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