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Here's a few pictures from Saturday in Penasquitos Canyon. We only did ten caches that day, but we covered a lot more elevation than usual. We've been working on finding the caches along the north rim of the canyon, but that also involved descending a few hundred feet to the canyon floor. Then, of course, we had to climb back out.


Here we are climbing up to a cache called "War." It's part of a series named after horsemen of the apocalypse. This is one of the difficult Penasquitos Canyon caches I've been dreading. Doesn't look too bad, right? But there's a section of trail that feels like it's going straight up. (We started 100 feet below on the canyon floor.)

Again, the perspective's a little difficult, but suffice to say the trail went WAY UP.

Then we had to come back down again, because the path from War to the top of the hill was really steep, and if we went up a different hill we could get more geocaches.

Utility pole halfway up. I don't know what most of the markers mean, but I'm pretty sure the snuff lid isn't significant.

This uphill path was a relief after the ones we'd been on earlier.

Top of the hill, looking south across the canyon and freeways. You can just barely make out Geisel Library two miles away, near the middle of the horizon line.

Zooming in on the library.

After we got out of the canyon, we did a couple of urban caches.

I don't think this road's going to be open anytime soon.

Walk signals turned around and not in service.

Someday, I guess, they're going to build a road through here.
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