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el diablo robotico

It's starting to feel like fall; campus is buzzing with students, it's cool enough to wear my jacket in the morning, some of the sweet gum trees are even dropping leaves. I don't like the long lines at lunchtime, or the crowds of ambling students clogging the sidewalk during my lunch walk, but fall still makes me happy. It feels so brisk and exciting after the laziness of summer.

And you know what fall means. It's time for...

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Yes, it's the sixth annual installment of the fun, fun project where I try (and fail) to post a picture EVERY SINGLE DAY for a month. Each year, toward the end of October, when I have fallen way behind in uploading pictures or run out of different ways to photograph cats, I think, "Man, I'm not doing that again." But then, eleven months later, here I am again.

This started out as a way to give myself something to do during NaNoWriMo, when everyone else disappeared off LJ to write fiction. It migrated to October a year or two later, because I like October better. My annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin tends to make me fall way behind in posting pictures, but maybe Flickr will help with that this time around.

Audience participation is welcome. The only rule is that you try to take a picture a day. Ish. Lord knows I feel like I've got enough balls in the air right now, so I don't know how well I'll do. But pictures sound like fun, so here we go!

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