el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Today was lovely. It was warm and sunny, and we went geocaching in a pleasant neighborhood with quiet tree-lined streets. We had lunch at Oggi's (pizza/sports bar), where I ordered a delicious meatball sandwich, and when I went to wash up I passed this:

A vending machine. Full of ducks.

Now, I've seen other vending machine ducks. I have other vending machine ducks. I even have a contact at a distributor who'll sell me those other ducks wholesale. But these are different. They're smaller (I love tiny ducks!) and shaped differently (they seem to have based the mold on one of my favorite duck types ever).

I came back to the table and said to Ken, "I need ALL THE QUARTERS IN THE WORLD."


I wasn't kidding.

See? Tiny!


The new duck army. I'll have no problems at all trading away my duplicates, I'm sure.

So I was delighted with that, and lunch was excellent, and then we found fourteen more geocaches, for a total of thirty for the day. We found every cache we tried today, with zero failures. We're now up to 56 caches for the month, and it's only January 8th.

When we came home I logged the caches and gloated over my ducks, and later on I made pancakes for dinner. My parents sent us a breakfast basket with really good pancake mix for Christmas, and it came with equally good maple syrup, both of which we have now finished.

So that was a very good day. Now I've got Sherlock to watch, but I'm sleepy and I think it's bedtime. It'll be something to look forward to tomorrow, then. Good night!

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