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So, Comic-Con.
  • There's not a lot I care about Thursday. We have Patton Oswalt tickets for the evening (TICKETS! That guarantee SEATS! I approve of this technology), and I suppose it'll be a good day to hit the exhibit hall and buy things. There's a Wilfred panel at 4:00 that I could stand to see, but we haven't watched any of the new season yet (and I sort of suspect the panel will be less ~edgy~ in the larger Indigo Ballroom).

  • Friday... shit. The way people are talking about the Firefly panel, there's practically a line already. And I really want to see it. We're going to have to miss the Venture Bros panel, which is sad, because I've been to that one three years in a row (starting before I even watched the show – I caught it while waiting for something else, and they were funny enough that it made me want to watch), but I'm wondering just how early we have to be in line to have any hope at all. I can get downtown around 6:30. Sigh.

    But if we do get in, at least we'll be in the room for Breaking Bad, the only other thing of major interest that day.

    There's also a Chris Hardwick thing at the Balboa Theatre that evening; I'm still undecided, because it's not clear if it's him doing standup or the Nerdist Podcast, and if the latter, there's no word on who the guests will be. And it overlaps with Breaking Bad.

  • On Saturday, I am horribly tempted to try to see the Iron Man 3 panel. Except it is in Hall H, and it's going to be the BIGGEST DAMN THING EVER, and there is probably already a line for that too. (I am joking when I say that, but NOT BY MUCH.) It's at 6pm, which means a WHOLE DAY in Hall H, and missing both Being Human and Person of Interest (although I have my doubts about whether both of those would even be doable, being at 3pm and 5pm in different rooms. Especially since PoI leads into Mythbusters).

    What's the earliest I can get downtown on Saturday? Saturday buses suck. Probably 7:30.

  • And Sunday is Doctor Who, which has everybody of interest to the show INCLUDING ARTHUR DARVILL and I must see this. I don't know if arriving at 4:30am is going to be feasible this year. Hell, I am tempted to just camp out overnight, because really, I don't sleep anyway. And a decent seat would be nice.

    After that there's Alison Bechdel, maybe, if I run really fast and it's not full. And Starship Smackdown, which is a more fun way to end the convention than watching Once More With Feeling. And then there is probably eating something and falling over exhausted and sleeping for 24 hours.

But if I spend two days in Hall H, I may feel like I missed the convention. Once Hall H swallows you up, you can never leave. You can't take a break and go outside, or get food somewhere else, or grab a bathroom pass and visit the exhibit hall during a boring panel. You are in. There is no escape. And there's fun to be had just wandering the Gaslamp, seeing the seas of people, taking in the atmosphere.

And I'd be looking at THREE DAYS of all-day room-squatting. Good God. At least on Friday leaving Ballroom 20 occasionally and returning would be an option. And Ken and I would be totally apart for Saturday and most of Sunday (unless he could arrive before the Hall H line let in).

It's interesting to see what's missing (in a sad kind of way). No Burn Notice? No Castle? None of the authors I like? (Patricia Briggs was interesting when I saw her, and Tanya Huff did a really good panel and reading last year, even if I was one of the few in the room for her and not Zachary Quinto, who was up next.) The panels about urban fantasy and supernatural critters this year don't feature the authors of anything I've even read. I enjoyed the Walking Dead comic panel last year, but I think it'll be too tough to get into this year (and there's too much else going on). The Walking Dead TV panel will be hopeless, of course (and in Hall H). There's a TV Guide panel with Matt Smith, but the best thing about the TV Guide panel last year was that I was in the 4th row. This year, I think I've got other things to do during that time. There are always other things to do, unfortunately, especially with the logistics of trying to get into rooms. I can't believe what I'm writing off already.

Given all this commitment to lines, you can see why I want an iPad. But I think I'd kill the battery before I even made it into Hall H.

Hopefully nobody who didn't get a membership is jealous anymore. Those of you who did – think we will ever cross paths?

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