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87 109 ways to call Rose "pink and yellow"
(weird fact: at least five are in the form of recipes)

  1. "For the pink and yellow princess in your life."
  2. "So what is happening this morning, my pink and yellow Rosie Posie?"
  3. “You're all pink and yellow.” Brown eyes warm and focused on her mouth, he leans forward and captures her bottom lip between his own.
  4. a sweet temporal pink and yellow treat just for him
  5. all he could remember was the pink and yellow girl with a brilliant smile
  6. All pink and yellow and blonde and his.
  7. All pink and yellow and blooming.
  8. All pink and yellow, with strands of her hair sticking to her forehead
  9. All pink and yellow. His pink and yellow girl.
  10. Because certainly Time Lords were not allowed to think about their beautiful soft pink and yellow humans in the bath naked and slippery and tangled with them.
  11. Favourite colour: TARDIS blue and pink and yellow.
  12. He had had the best of friends with him, but he knew they would never be able to give him the comfort one pink and yellow human gave him.
  13. He looked up just in time to find his arms full of one pink and yellow human.
  14. He loves the pink and yellow halo that seems to follow her wherever she goes, shades of bubblegum and cotton candy that would be garish on any other blonde.
  15. He may have been tired, but he stayed awake for hours, just marvelling at the miracle this little pink-and-yellow human was.
  16. He turned away from the window and raked his eyes up and down his pink and yellow girl's figure.
  17. He watched her, glowing pink and yellow, and so incredibly vibrant, beautiful and alive in spite of everything. In spite of a harpy mother and a clingy boyfriend.
  18. He'd been going mad, but hadn't wanted to leave the pink and yellow girl alone in case she changed her mind about traveling with him still
  19. He'd fall to his knees and kiss every inch of the pink and yellow girl that changed his life and made him want with this urgency
  20. her pink and yellow-ness
  21. He's just making do, until a certain pink and yellow girl shows up at his door.
  22. He's the Big Bad Wolf, and it's safer for this pink and yellow human to be with him
  23. his cute pink and yellow girl
  24. his little pink and yellow companion
  25. His mind can barely comprehend the blur of pink and yellow at the end of the street.
  26. I am most likely to attach myself to you, as my favourite pink and yellow human of all time
  27. it was only when he’d nearly fallen asleep landing the TARDIS that Rose, his pink and yellow human companion, had sent him off to his room to sleep
  28. It was Valentines Day, and she didn't get at least the dozen red roses she'd expected from the man she knew loved her, but pink and yellow ones
  29. It's a classic: mix one batch of alien scientists, one prison cell with no amenities, one pink-and-yellow human companion, and one angry Time Lord with big ears
  30. just a pink and yellow blur
  31. Look at you, all brown and purple, not pink and yellow yet, eh?
  32. My pink and yellow Rose, so far away, so lost.
  33. Now he was trembling at the thought of words of anger and rejection from the little pink and yellow human he had given up forever to be with.
  34. one pink-and-yellow human companion to the Last of the Time Lords
  35. one pink-and-yellow-human and one Time-Lord-in-leather
  36. Pink and yellow and one phrase flung across the universe.
  37. Pink and yellow infused with gold
  38. Place one pink-and-yellow human female in serving cell. Add previously prepared Time Lord.
  39. She hadn't gone, she was there standing in front of him all pink and yellow and smiles, carrying a tray.
  40. She is lifted then, up into the swirling silver light that she knows is his mind and she is blending into him, a rainbow of pink and yellow and blue
  41. something was very, very much not right with his favorite pink and yellow human
  42. that little pink and yellow human who had stolen his hearts so long ago
  43. The black marks emerge on her skin, swirled lattices of writing over her pink and yellow-ness.
  44. The darkness fell over him and that faithful pink and yellow star was once again out.
  45. The Doctor sonicked the door open, and plunged himself into the darkness, honing in on his pink and yellow beacon.
  46. the pink-and-yellow wonder he misses so much that he can’t put words to the depth of his agony
  47. the presence of a pink and yellow blur soothing his brow
  48. The TARDIS had a bath waiting for her and the ship dimmed the lights down when the pink and yellow human's eyes drifted shut.
  49. the wonderful, amazing, pink and yellow human he'd given three hearts to
  50. There was something else he wanted to see, someone else, but his brain was so cloudy and full of candy floss at the moment all he could think of was pink and yellow
  51. this pink and yellow human that could stir up such emotions and desires within him that he had not felt in such a long time
  52. This pink and yellow human was going to be this Time Lord's undoing. Of that much he was certain.
  53. This time he dreamed of a pink and yellow girl
  54. Turning back to the infuriating pink-and-yellow human, he said, “Why are you being so difficult?”
  55. wasn't that how he had been measuring himself since the pink and yellow human had entered his life?
  56. when his fingers finally touch the perfect spot inside her, she explodes in every direction at once like his own little pink and yellow supernova
  57. You stand there all pink and yellow, beautiful and human, you tell me this isn't a dream, and then we hold hands and I wake up alone, once more
  58. He is head over heels in love with his pink and yellow research assistant.
  59. It was really starting to become problematic for the Doctor, who inexplicably wanted to waggle his eyebrows at his pink and yellow friend and declare weeelll, we might as well!
  60. She looks up at you, all pink and yellow, her tongue peeking out as she smiles.
  61. a luscious vision in pink and yellow just begging to be touched
  62. Knows his feelings for his pink and yellow girl and knows how much he needs her.
  63. He watched her realize how he saw her, pink and yellow and flushed with excitement
  64. Pink and yellow and tight and wet and so fucking perfect
  65. He would introduce himself proudly to his pink and yellow girl.
  66. he'd always been powerless in denying his pink and yellow human anything she wanted.
  67. He managed to fall in love with that pink and yellow ape
  68. in all his centuries of experience he had never seen anything as delectable as this glowing pink and yellow human before him.
  69. He's always known that he'd meet his match one day, only he never imagined this nemesis would come in shades of pink and yellow and smell, oh so delicately, of vanilla and strawberries.
  70. The Time Lords had ensured that their race would remain pure, unsullied by lesser beings...but they had not reckoned on one little pink and yellow human female falling in love with the mightiest being in the universe.
  71. The Doctor abruptly found himself with an armful of warm pink and yellow Rose
  72. He stared down at the pink and yellow human to whom he had already surrendered his solitude
  73. he'd fallen completely in love with this pink and yellow human
  74. This pink and yellow human was going to be this Time Lord's undoing
  75. She can feel him at the edges of her, not just his tongue and his hands but his… him, the essence of him, time and ice and loneliness, pushing to set up camp inside a warm pink and yellow human.
  76. her pink and yellow twined around his red and gold and he felt the wet heat of her as she clenched around his cock, crying his name in the glory of her climax.
  77. that pink and yellow being that had changed his life forever
  78. The tears were still coming down her face, leaving tracks of makeup that reminded him painfully of his little pink and yellow human
  79. The link burst into pink and yellow flames as she screamed his name
  80. the Oncoming Storm, Ka Fariq Gatri terrified of the reaction from a pink and yellow human.
  81. She's all pink and yellow and he can't help himself.
  82. A riot of gold and red plunged into Rose's mind swirling, entwining. It shot to her womb, setting up a reciprocal reaction and Rose felt the pink and yellow of her instantaneous and totally unexpected climax
  83. The tenth Doctor regarded him intently, swinging by one arm on the door frame. “Say hello to Pink and Yellow for me, I miss her. It’s different without her.” The Doctor nodded, mulling over the nickname his future self called her. He rather liked it, thought it fitting, but wouldn’t be caught dead saying it himself.
  84. A very special recipe: Divide companion and Time Lord. Add aliens. Prepare blue-eyed Time Lord in silk instead of leather. Elevate one pink-and-yellow human.
  85. He found a divergent thread that shot off away from her glowing all pink and yellow.
  86. You–my jeopardy friendly pink and yellow human!
  87. The things he would do for this pink and yellow girl.
  88. Usually he liked Rose moving toward him, very much toward, all tongue-touched grins and pink and yellow and her top riding up just a little bit when she hugged him and–
  89. this is why Time Lords don’t fall in love with little pink and yellow humans, he thinks to himself.
  90. suddenly he found himself dreaming of living a life, day after day, with his pink-and-yellow miracle —
  91. He cracked open an eye, finding, to his delight, the soft pink and yellow perfection of his Rose
  92. Take one Time Lord in leather. To obtain the desired concentration, add one pink-and-yellow human female, previously seasoned with boredom.
  93. "Yes, my pink and yellow wife?"
  94. he deserved all of the credit for saving his life, this pink and yellow woman.
  95. the Doctor resolved to show his pink and yellow–and currently sort of brown–companion what nine hundred years of experience could achieve
  96. The Doctor opened his eyes slowly, finding it difficult to focus on the lovely pink and yellow of his companion
  97. The Doctor looked at her, “You do seem more pink and yellow then you usually do.”
  98. "Look at you all pink and yellow, wrapped up in that fuzzy pink dressing gown and duckie jimjams."
  99. "However, this particular Time Lord believes very fervently that the beach is for enjoying watching his pretty pink and yellow companion enjoy everything that she thinks the beach is for."
  100. All pink and yellow, soft curves and intelligent eyes
  101. she looked lovely and peaceful and comfy. A pretty bundle of pink and yellow all wrapped up in his coat and scarf.
  102. he whirled around, but he only saw his pink and yellow girl napping on the captain's chair
  103. Also, by the new placement of Rose's hand upon his person, the Doctor reckoned such things provoked his pink and yellow girl to enact sweet revenge.
  104. Remove leather. Decaffeinate one pink and yellow human. Enclose container.
  105. The pink and yellow human gave no answer but continued to laugh.
  106. "Ooh, pink and yellow, like Rose," said the Doctor dreamily
  107. Not a hologram, but not the pink and yellow human that he had come to love.
  108. His pink and yellow princess, with a touch of gold still lingering behind her eyes.
  109. a pink and yellow girl with stars in her eyes
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