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When Ken got home tonight, he said he saw a gray cat in the window near the elevator. It always makes me uncomfortable when I see cats roaming the hallways; Moly got lost once, and if someone saw her I wouldn't want them to dismiss her and leave her be. There wasn't anyone in the hallway, no open doors, just a small gray and white cat sitting in the window. I picked him up and he seemed happy to be held, but when I put him down again he cowered against the floor like a nervous cat who wasn't supposed to be outside. When I picked him up again, he was shivering.

Ken thinks we should have left him be. I don't know. Maybe, but I would have spent all evening worrying about him and wondering if he was really just out for a stroll, or lost, or something else. We knocked on a couple of nearby doors, but everyone either wasn't home or said it wasn't their cat.

So we took him home, and I promised to put up signs right away. Which I did. Unfortunately, Toeffe was nearby when I set the gray cat down, and let out a big threatening hiss which scared the gray cat straight under the bed where he's done nothing but hide and hiss for the last three hours. We locked Toeffe away in the den, but the gray cat is still upset. Understandably, I suppose, but if he were acting sweeter Ken wouldn't be saying over and over what a bad idea it was to bring him in. We don't really have room to separate three cats overnight unless we close the bedroom door. Nobody responded to our signs yet; I put them in the elevator and around the hallways. Surely someone on this floor owns him. I can't see how he'd have gotten here otherwise.

I still think I was right to bring him in. He shouldn't be wandering around if he's so scared, and his owners should keep track of him. They should have missed him by now, and I've got signs all over. I don't think we should dump him back in the hallway. I doubt we could get him out from under the bed anyway.
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