el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Saturday we went to the science museum. It's got a lot of hands-on exhibits; they're geared a bit toward kids, but they're still fun to play with. The only problem is that they don't change very often; I don't think we've been there for a year, but there were plenty of familiar things. We saw a new IMAX movie about caves and cave-dwelling microorganisms, and spent the rest of the night messing around online, looking for information about 'superkingdoms' (I never heard of them before). Aside from being educational, the IMAX film included lots of IMAXy swooping around, so we got the best of both worlds.

We saw a game in the gift shop that presented scenarios you had to choose between. The one on the back of the box said, "Would you rather have a vibrating tongue or an edible bottom?" We spent some time discussing the feasibility of either (if your butt gets eaten, do you just not have one then? can you turn the vibrating tongue on and off?). Ultimately, I think we'd have to go with the tongue.
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