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Yesterday, we watched curling. Everyone makes fun of curling, so we wanted to see what it was all about. It was kind of interesting, actually. Ken went online to research curling lingo; he now sounds like a Canadian. We looked up when the medal games are going to be, in hopes of getting to see a whole game rather than the little excerpts they showed yesterday. The Olympics have been more entertaining than I expected; I didn't think we'd watch at all.

I am surprisingly uninterested in ice dancing, though. My mom pushed me to watch, and I remember Torville and Dean being kind of pretty way back when they got all those 6.0's, but it's.. eh. I like watching throws and jumps and spins, not flamenco skating. I like the fact that the dancers generally use consistent music throughout their programs -- the regular skaters use medleys with somewhat jarring transitions -- but the dancing moves are jerkier than I'd have thought and the costumes and hair are very Duran Duran. We missed last night's installment, though I don't feel bad about it. We did catch the re-awarding of the gold medals (can they stop beating it to death now?).

At 6:48, we went out to a nearby park to watch the International Space Station pass overhead. There's a site that will plot these things for you (and I'll link to it if anyone expresses interest). The station is magnitude -1, so it really shows up in the sky. It took several minutes to pass overhead, and then slowly winked out a little past Jupiter. It was a good pass, reaching 80-odd degrees in the sky. First time I've seen it, though I suppose if it lasts long enough it will become commonplace.

After dinner, we played Scrabble. I was doing rather poorly for much of the game, drawing all vowels and (after I exchanged most of them) spending far too much time fishing to get an A or E back for a big play. I know it's stupid to fish, but the letters I had weren't much good for anything else. It was a difficult board, but Ken kept coming up with these enormous words. Toward the end, I was beginning to close the gap, but then Ken had a three-word play and it looked like I was doomed.

Then I realized that Ken's big play had set up something for me, and I happened to have the right letters to take advantage of it. With no tiles left in the bag, the 40 points I got there put me over the top. I didn't really deserve the victory, but it was nice to win something this weekend after losing mini-golf and Monopoly.

I was looking up orienteering on the web the other day, and came across the Geocaching site. I've seen it before, but we don't own a GPS unit so there's not much we can do. (Except buy a GPS unit! Well, maybe next month.) I browsed around looking for nearby caches (lots of them!), and then found something unusual: there's a cache in the library. GPS units don't work indoors, so once you've reached the library there are written instructions; the cache is a folder in a particular book. I think I'll go have a look at it during my lunch break today. It's kind of like orienteering on campus Saturday -- a way to get my feet wet on familiar ground without actually knowing what I'm doing. I'm tempted to get into geocaching. It's like orienteering, only with toys. It'd get us out taking walks more often. And we could use that GPS unit to, uh, not get lost while camping, or something. I'm sure it has uses. Doesn't it?
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